Buckingham could fall to UKIP?

There’s a real possibility the speaker of the house John Bercow could lose his seat to UKIP at the next General Election after support swings from Conservatives to UKIP after Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal.

This comes after most leave voters and Conservatives reject May’s Chequers deal which many consider a complete sell out of the Brexit dream and an attempt by remoaner May to keep the UK in the EU via the backdoor.

The constituency of Buckingham has elected Bercow as an MP every election since 1997. His support did go up slightly in 2017 but that was only due to a week UKIP vote and only facing two opposition candidates on the ballot paper with Labour choosing not to contest the seat. The turnout dropped by about 1,000 voters in 2017. It seems the people of Buckingham who votes overwhelmingly to leave the EU are getting sick to the back teeth of being ruled over by remoaners Bercow and May.

There’s already been a 7% swing of leave Tory voters to UKIP and a 11% swing of leave voters from all parties to UKIP.

People don’t forget being shafted and if things continue, the people of Buckingham might just throw the Speaker out of the Commons.bercow-bollocks-brexit-xlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqTAGGdSc6QeP13xu6eMjcVNg0WLdPpb2KPbufV8H8G3s


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